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Since the advent of the computer application of preparing engineering drawings, it has always been difficult to implement a common standard for computerized plans in technically oriented offices, each one having its methods, its layers definitions, its blocks, its colors, etc. With the aim of facilitating the standardization of drawing entities and the integration of drawings with GIS software, CADCOM created the ASCAD© software.

What is the ASCAD© standard?

The ASCAD© standard (Automated Standardization for Computer Aided Design) is a set of production rules (governing layers, blocks, colors, text styles and linetypes) for laying out civil engineering drawings in a standard way such that they are visually and structurally uniform. This means that the electronic data files have the same layer names, with the same colors, same linetypes and same blocks definitions. It is intended to be used by civil engineers, land-surveyors and all other professionals who use CAD as applied to the field of civil engineering. The ASCAD© Manual is FREE and can be downloaded from this Internet site.

What is the ASCAD© system?

The ASCAD© software program automates the application of the ASCAD© standard. It includes all the aspects of the standard defined above (layers, blocks, colors, text styles, linetypes, etc.) and the programming to allow drawing while applying the rules of the standard. As with the standard, the objective behind ASCAD© is to automate the production of standard drawings as much as possible, which will also provide a uniform product that can be easily linked to a GIS database. The ASCAD© software works within AutoCAD and also works with AutoCAD Map, Land Development Desktop (LDDT) and Civil 3D. The ASCAD© software can be ordered from us.

Why a common standard?

A common drawing standard is very interesting because the drawing file structure is immediately familiar, no matter where it came from. The extraction of some or all of the drawing data is simplified. The user can take a part of the "as built" drawing, such as data on a new street, and either include it in a GIS system to complete an existing map database or transfer it to another user. Using a common standard for the development of the drawing files implies one common method to perform these procedures regardless of the output. The ASCAD© standard manual describes the ASCAD© Standard. It also includes the blocks, sheets and linetype definition files.

How does it function?

ASCAD©2 is integrated into the following software:

  • AutoCAD® R14 or higher;
  • AutoCAD Map® R3 or higher;
  • AutoCAD® Land Development Desktop (LDDT) R1.02 or higher;
  • AutoCAD® Civil 3D.
The ASCAD© installation program installs two new menus on the standard menu bar. The first one includes all the functions required to conform to the ASCAD© standard and the second one includes many CAD utilities.

What is the difference between the ASCAD© standard and ASCAD©2 software

The standard includes a set of rules to be followed so that a drawing will conform to this standard. The complete ASCAD© standard manual is available for FREE in Acrobat format on our Internet site, with the symbols, line definitions (ACAD.LIN) and title-blocks files.

The ASCAD© 2 software includes all the aspects of the standard and the programming that automates the application of the standard in the AutoCAD software. This software can be purchased from CADCOM (819-561-8639 Ext. 22).

What are the components that form parts of the standard and the software?

The ASCAD© software includes all the components for drawing standardization and the programming to automate their use:
  • A list of more than 400 PCODs integrated with the autodesk Survey module. The insertion of the blocks and the generation of linetypes according to the ASCAD© standard are already programmed;
  • A nomenclature for more than 500 possible layers. The handling of the layers is made in a transparent and easy way, no need to remember the names of layers;
  • A library of more than 100 standard blocks. Available on several slide libraries or toolbars, each block is automatically inserted on the right layer, with the right scale and color. These blocks are integrated with the PCOD definitions;
  • A choice of nearly 50 linetypes. Also available on menus or toolbars, once its origin and end are defined, each line is inserted with the right layer and color. Some lines are integrated with PCODs definitions;
  • A set of standard sheets sizes and title blocks. The sheets and title blocks are inserted at the selection of one command where you need to enter the data requested and is then inserted automatically. Even the legend insertion is automated with one command.
ASCAD©2 provides several utilities:
  • Conversion functions, for layers and blocks, from one standard to another; Production utilities for layers, blocks, points, variable width lines (polylines), etc; A conformity checking utility that allows changing of any nonconforming entity quickly in order to manage the quality of the final drawing; A simplified practical approach is suggested for preparing AutoCAD and Civil drawings;
  • The user manual is integrated into the software help files.
You can buy the ASCAD© 2 software by contacting us or one of our representatives at

ASCAD© has won prestigious prizes.
  • Winner of the Willis prize 1995 for Excellence in Innovation from the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators;
  • Winner of the Municipal Engineering prize 1994 from the Association of Municipal Engineers of Quebec (AIMQ): Constructo Prize.
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